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At the Food and Rug Administration, we have a playful approach to our designs and a seriousness to our craftsmanship. Our collections are designed and curated by in-house artists and tufted in Philadelphia, PA. Each rug is crafted using high quality materials, including 100% New Zealand wool. We use both machine tufting and hand tufting techniques to carefully create each rug. Our skilled artisans add the final touches through precise carving, binding, and finishing by hand.

Design process

Simplicity meets charm in our design process, inspired by the art of iconography.

Digital conversion

Designs are converted to digital files with color, image clarity and easy-to-finish edges in mind.


Our rugs are both machine and hand tufted for a high quality finish with no finishing touches overlooked.


Hand carving is done on each rug to enhance details and dimensionality.